Word from Church Planting Director

We invite you to join the momentum towards the building of the Kingdom during these last days. As persecution is rampant from North to South, East to West in every part of India, we would like to extend our apostolic wings to you for covering through fellowship, prayer, impartation of anointing, training and equipping you to be the Church of the end time generation. False teaching and doctrinal abuse is eating into churches today luring mature and young believers and we believe the church is built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Jesus as the Cornerstone as in Eph 2:20. So we invite you to build your church on the doctrine of the apostles and help build a church that the gates of hell cannot prevail against.

Why walk with us?

-> Receive the Apostolic Covering through association with us

-> Be encouraged through a strong regional fellowship

-> Receive the right Apostolic doctrinal teaching as in the Bible

-> Be motivated to Kingdom building through planting churches

-> Learn proven church growth strategies as in the Bible

-> Train your church leaders and elders to do ministry

-> Support for baby churches less than 3 years

-> Receive Pastoral mentoring & Counseling

-> Be equipped through Pastoral Leadership Training & Discipleship

Vision 2020

-> Build 20 churches every year

-> Support 40 new missionaries every year

-> Start mega churches IPA CITY Cathedral in ten big cities of India

-> Establish a church planting training program

-> Build Conference Center for IPA in Vision land with facilities for stay

-> Build IPA Central office in Vision land

-> Start Bible Training Program & Church planting in 5 neighboring nations (Burma, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Malaysia)

-> Provide Scholarship for Pastors children to be trained in Bible college

-> Encourage every district to support and care for the widows in their district

-> Start micro businesses for underprivileged through small scale loans

-> Training program for youth development and impart modern skills in each region

-> Empower women to support their families and churches through social skills and training

-> Develop Christian curriculum for children’s ministry and effective work among children

-> Facilitate 100 discipleship programs to enhance church growth and church planting